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MusicBots on the server?

You know that Teamspeak can even have music bots who can play practically everything from Youtube?
On our server you will find three bots playing the most famous Czech radio and other 5 bots that you can use free in your room!
More about this in the section Control the music bots!

NPL Licence?

Our TeamSpeak 3 server received 30.12 2016 the Non profit license! It means that our server can have a maximum of 512 slots, and ten virtual servers! for now has a TeamSpeak set 100 of slots because for now there is no need for more. In case of need we will add more slots.

Extern Communitis

You know that on our server you can get a space for your community either on the main server or for multi-community on the private server?
ALL that for FREE

 How works connecting communities and what you can find?

How works connecting communities and what you can find?

If you want to have your game server or your community just when you join through this ip: ts3.tszone.cz and contact the Owners, or contact us via email. If you accept you do on Teamspeak my department which includes: the Administration department, a Free room and Private room! Furthermore, your IP will be added to the web site and in your section on the Teamspeak! Conditions? All you need to do is that you and your Team use a tively TeamSpeak and that you will place on your server IP of TeamSpeak 3 Server! TeamSpeak is, of course, even for players who want to use TeamSpeak only for communication with other players!
What can you find on Teamspeak? you will Find a lot of things for example: the Game rooms for many different games, Private rooms of players, free music bots, Rank up system with 61 ranks and many more!


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